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Arjun Kapoor

Arjun KapoorBoney Kapoor's son Arjun Kapoor has emerged as the next big thing in Bollywood today. Arjun who worked as an assistant director to Nikhil Advani earlier made a mark for himself with his first outing as an actor in the successful ISHAQZAADE. "Age is no deterrent. What matters is the ability to think and act independently. My dad and my family have all the confidence in me and I want to give back that confidence through my work," says the spirited Arjun.

An avid film lover from his early childhood days, Arjun would often accompany his father to the studios as a young child and watch his father working on his production, even as he engaged in intense creative discussions with his team. "I was amazed by dad's organizational ability and the way he planned and executed project after project with remarkable ease and expertise," Arjun recalls. While MR INDIA left a lasting impression on him, he enjoyed watching PUKAAR. His interest in the process of filmmaking doubled in due course and one fine day Arjun, decided to quit his college after having passed his H.S.C. exams and get full-fledged into filmmaking, like his father. "I knew I had to start working 24 hours on it if I had to get the actual feel of it. From ROOP KI RANI CHORON KA RAJA to PREM, I did the rounds of studios with dad and got totally involved in his productions," he says. His real experience and training however came when he assisted his father in the Shah Rukh-Nana Patekar starrer, SHAKTI, in which he also made the trailers of the film, besides being actively involved in it. "The film was very special to me because that's when I really got into the act. It also gave me a new understanding of film-making and the effort that goes behind it," he recalls.

In order to get the hang of the creative side of filmmaking, he joined Karan Johar's production as an assistant director to Nikhil Advani in KAL HO NA HO. The experience gave him an insight into a new style of filmmaking, which connected well to the emotions of the audience. Probably he would have continued to work with Karan Johar, but his home production and his love for his father, beckoned him to go back, and get actively involved in his father's projects. "My only concern was to ensure that my father's production was on par with the best and remained so," he says, with a proud smile on his face. Besides he also felt that it was important not to get too influenced by any particular style of filmmaking, even if it was a reckoned maker like Karan Johar. "I realized that I can assist Karan Johar in ten films but I have to use my own sensibilities to make a film," he says.

That's when he decided to get completely involved in the production of NO ENTRY, his father's next project, and handled everything there was to production. "I handled the entire production process in the film, right from coordinating with the artistes, the ticketing, the food arrangements. It meant a lot of hard work but it was a great learning experience," he reminisces.

Things took a different turn as destiny had carved out another role for him. Encouraged and persuaded by none other but Salman Khan himself he set out to become an actor. Having shed all the overweight and having trained extensively to meet up with this challenge Arjun Kapoor devoted all his energies towards achieving what many thought was impossible and emerged a winner with flying colours.

He made a mark for himself with his first outing as an actor in the successful Yashraj films production ISHAQZAADE. Today he is one of the most sought after new actor in Bollywood having films like AURANGZEB, GUNDAY, TWO STATES and his father's film in his kitty. He established her credibility further when he was nominated for best debutant actor in all the major film awards and went on to win many of them.

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